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Reasons Your Landscape Is Scaring Away Potential Clients

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As a business owner, it is important you create a good image of your company to any current or potential customers or clients. This is especially important if you own a physical storefront or office building that clients are coming in and out of. Read on to learn some ways your landscape might be scaring away potential clients!

Unkempt Yard

There’s a lot of things you need to focus on when running a business, which could make taking care of the lawn surrounding your building the last thing you’re worried about. However, your yard determines your curb appeal and if your outdoor area looks messy, some people might associate that with your actual business. An unkempt yard can also show that you don’t care or that you don’t have enough money to take care of your property. As a result, this might give your clients a sense of doubt that you care about their needs or that your business is failing so they should invest somewhere else.

Another reason to keep your yard in immaculate condition is for safety and liability reasons. If there are broken branches, uneven pavement, etc., and a client gets hurt, your business can get in serious trouble.

High Maintenance

The opposite side of spectrum for lawn care is that your yard might look too overdone. If your yard or outdoor space looks too flashy, your clients might be overwhelmed. Also, if your business message is that you are approachable and friendly, sometimes an overdone yard can come off cold and distant. The best approach to a landscape design is simple yet elegant.


Our experienced landscape designers in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas, work hard to provide only the best lawn care and designs for commercial and industrial buildings. We worry about keeping your outdoor area beautiful so you won’t have to!


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Preparing the Water Sprinkler System of Your Commercial Property for Spring and Summer

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With the gorgeous spring weather approaching, you will want to make sure your commercial property is at peak efficiency. One of the things our landscape management professionals need to check is your water sprinkler system. During this visit you can expect us to do the following:

Thorough Check of the System

Our professionals will walk through your entire property checking for normal wear and tear of any valves, nozzles, pipes, and faucets. We will also take this time to check for any leaks or clogged pipes and nozzles. A leaking valve can waste water and result in an expensive utilities bill.

Cleaning the System

Once we identify that all your parts are in working condition, we will then clean out any clogged nozzles or sprinkler heads. This ensures you get an even distribution of water which will save you time, money, and worry.

Set the Water Pressure

Our professionals will also set the pressure of your sprinkler systems to ensure they are within the standard and safe operating limits.

Checking the Condition of Your Soil

If it was a colder winter in Georgia, our professional staff will also want to make sure the soil of your property has been thawed to a depth of at least 12”. This will make sure there is no damage to the pipes when the water is turned back on.


A thorough check of your property is important because it can save you time and money in the long run. If you attempt to turn on your sprinkler system without a quick examination, you can risk incurring an even more expensive bill for repairs or replacement.


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Reasons You Should Use Our Highly Rated Commercial Landscape Services in Atlanta, Georgia, and Surrounding Areas


One of the important parts of being a commercial property owner is making sure your buildings look inviting for potential and current clients or customers. However, it can be difficult to run a successful business and take care of the maintenance of your property at the same time! At LMS Atlanta, we provide superior commercial landscape services in Atlanta, Georgia and nearby towns. Read on to learn why you should pick us to ensure your property looks stunning and functions efficiently!

Years of Experience

At LMS Atlanta, we are proud to say we have been providing only the best landscape management services for over 20 years. Because of our extensive experience and knowledge, we know we can provide maintenance services that get you the results you want and need! When you work with our company, you can rest easy knowing your property will look stunning.

Safety For Your Customers and Workers

With our commercial landscape services in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding towns, our professional staff ensures that whoever is on your property is safe. As a business owner, it is very important that you provide safe working conditions for your workers and customers.

Sustainable and Efficient Landscapes

With our commercial landscape services such as our erosion management in Atlanta, Georgia, and nearby locations, our professionals can provide a design that will increase the efficiency of your property. With our expertise, we will know which plants and trees to plant to increase the aesthetic appeal of your property while saving you time, money, and the environment.


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