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The Benefits of Xeriscape Landscaping Design

Xeriscaping is a landscaping method designed to conserve water. It is especially useful in areas that experience drought, but can be used anywhere. The advantages of xeriscape landscaping design in Atlanta, Georgia include:

Creating a More Eco-Friendly Landscaping Design

Xeriscaping uses drought-resistant plants, which eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers. Only a very simple irrigation system is needed to keep the plants healthy, and they consume far less water than more traditional landscaping designs.

Saving Money on Maintenance & Water

The most appealing thing about Xeriscaping, aside from its eco-friendliness, is that it costs much less to maintain. Over time you will spend less on maintenance and water, because the only maintenance it really needs is some weed-pulling and pruning here and there.

Xeriscaping is an extremely smart decision for commercial landscaping projects because it allows you to beautify the space while keeping operating costs low.

Increasing Property Value

Good landscaping can drastically increase the value of commercial properties – especially when you choose a xeriscape design. In the end, the increase in property value far outweighs the cost of xeriscaping.

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The Design Elements You Need for Your Commercial Property

commercial landscaping georgiaIt can be fun to get creative with the design of your commercial property but there are some elements that you definitely want to utilize when you work with our landscape management team.


The decoration and overall design of your property should enhance your business’s curb appeal to attract more clients or customers. With our top notch commercial landscaping in Georgia, we can utilize different plants, trees, flowers, and soils to add depth and color to your outdoor space.


No matter what your business is, you can always use some eye-catching bursts of color in your company’s landscape. If you have some ideas for colors you want, our professional team will work with you to make sure you get your desired look.


While you want variety and colors to peak visual interest, you also do not want an overly flashy design. This can come off to your customers or clients that you are a high maintenance company, which can turn off people who do not want that. Instead, you want something that can attract all types of clientele. A simple look that complements the architecture of your commercial property is a great option. If you want something special, you can consider a stunning focal point, such as a fountain or pond.

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How Our Commercial Landscaping in Georgia Can Ease Your Stress

commercial landscaping georgiaAs a property owner or business property manager, you deal with a lot of responsibilities and with our trusted company for high quality commercial landscaping in Georgia; we can help you manage your property so you don’t have to! To learn some ways we can help ease your stress and help your company, please read on.

Promote New Business

One of your biggest goals is to constantly attract new customers or clients. With a well-kept landscape, you tell current and potential clients that you care about your business and them. A beautiful landscape looks more welcoming and shows that you care about your company’s appearance. If you have a shoddy yard or outdoor space, people might think you cannot afford it and will not trust you with their money.

Save Time and Money

As we mentioned, we understand that as a property owner, you have a lot to do. With our services, we can save you energy and ultimately, money. We are experienced in customizing a lawn maintenance schedule for your business and we can know when you will need new plants, when to turn on the water, etc.

Keep Your Customers and Workers Happy

No one wants to work or visit a place that is unkempt, especially if it could be dangerous and somewhere they can get hurt. A polished landscape usually promotes safety, shows that you care, and are a successful business. Depending on the commercial property you own, like a hospital, a lot of people want an outdoor space where they can sit or walk with loved ones. A hospital that allows employees and patients to sit outside can promote a more peaceful and healing environment.

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Why You Need Maintenance for Your Retention Pond in Macon, Georgia

retention pond outside of a commercial propertyIf you have a retention pond on your commercial property, it can be easy to forget it’s even there. Retention ponds are built to handle rainwater by draining water to a different location when it reaches a certain height. Retention ponds are good for flood protection, and they also keep sediment at the bottom which helps improve the quality of the water. Because retention ponds are full of water at all times, they need special maintenance to ensure that they are working properly. Some of the tasks that Landscape Management Services performs for retention pond maintenance in Macon, Georgia include:

Regular Inspections – It’s important to have your retention pond inspected on a regular basis to prevent it from failing in the event of a flood.

Debris Removal – Because retention ponds collect runoff during rainstorms, they often collect debris that can clog drains and fill up the pond leaving less room to collect water. Regular debris removal will ensure that everything is draining smoothly.

Vegetation Management – Unkempt vegetation around the retention pond can be unsightly, and can also cause damage to drainage systems if not kept in check.

Bank Stabilization – If the banks of the retention pond become unstable they can pose a major safety risk. They can also prevent the pond from draining properly in the event of a flood.

Structural Checks – From time to time it is also important to make structural checks on the drainage system and on the pond itself. This is to ensure that it is in peak condition in the event of a flood.

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