3 Things to Consider When Beginning a Commercial Landscaping Design

garden path lined with manicured shrubsLandscape design is a very important aspect of maintaining commercial properties. The exterior of the building should be attractive and encourage customers to come in. If your commercial property is doctor or dentist’s office, your landscaping should make your patients feel good as they enter and leave your office. When you work with our landscape designers in Atlanta, Georgia, here are a few things you should discuss with them before proceeding with work.

Sunlight and Soil Conditions

The amount of sunlight and the condition of the soil around your facilities will determine which plants work the best in your design. In most cases, the landscaper will use native plants, as these will pretty much always work. The landscaper will be able to plan a design around these conditions so that you get the most aesthetically pleasing design.

Native Species

When beginning your commercial landscaping design, you should ask your landscaper what native plants will do best in your space. Utilizing native plants will save you money on maintenance and give a boost to local ecosystems.

Maintenance Plans

The next thing you should consider is how much of your resources you can allocate to a continuous maintenance plan. Choosing native plants can cut down on the cost of maintenance significantly because it eliminates the need for irrigation systems or constant watering as well as pesticides and fertilizers. You could also consider xeriscaping for dyer areas.