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Creative Landscape Design Ideas for Your Business

commercial landscaping GeorgiaFirst impressions are vital for a successful business, which is why Landscape Management provides exceptional commercial landscaping in Georgia to help set the stage the moment your customers set foot on your property. Below we have unique and creative landscape design ideas to help make your business bloom and grow.

  • Allow your customers the chance to stop and smell the roses with our flower planting and maintenance services. Demonstrate how your company pays attention to detail by displaying beautiful, bright, and in season flowers outside of your office.
  • Incorporating retaining walls into your landscape is a great way to add functionality and style to your outdoor area. A retaining wall adds extra space to create a focal point for flowers and adds additional seating options for your guests.
  • If you have a business that caters to families or children, incorporating an outdoor playground will showcase your commitment to helping families by providing a fun way to entertain the children during meetings.
  • Illuminate your desire for success by adding landscape lighting to your business. Landscape lighting is used to showcase the intended path and will add a safety feature to your employees when they leave at night.

If you are interested in learning more about our commercial landscaping in Georgia, contact our design consultants at (770) 939-6450 to schedule a consultation.

Why Retaining Walls Are a Must for Commercial Landscape

commercial landscaping services AtlantaAt Landscape Management, we offer eye-catching hardscaping services to appeal to your customers. As a way to make a great first impression to your clients, we recommend installing retaining walls as a great solution for functionality while improving the overall aesthetic of your outdoor business area. See below to learn the three reasons why you should incorporate a retaining wall into your commercial landscape.

  1. Increased Space

We love retaining walls for your business because they increase space for added beauty and seating. If your property is sloped or hilly, retaining walls are a great way to add an area for flowers and gardening, while the edge of the barrier acts as a bench for your customers to sit and smell the flowers.

  1. Prevents Against Flooding

While storms and flooding can occur anywhere, we recommend retaining walls as a preventative measure to help fight against floodwater.

  1. Protects Against Erosion

Retaining walls act as an excellent protectant for your land by keeping the area from moving or eroding. Our commercial landscaping services in Atlanta can help ensure your property is protected from erosion with our installation of retaining walls.

Look to Landscape Management for your commercial landscaping services in Atlanta. We strive to offer beautiful focal points to your landscape while increasing the functionality of your outdoor space. Contact us today at (770) 939-6450 to learn more about our landscaping services.