Reasons Your Landscape Is Scaring Away Potential Clients

flower garden


As a business owner, it is important you create a good image of your company to any current or potential customers or clients. This is especially important if you own a physical storefront or office building that clients are coming in and out of. Read on to learn some ways your landscape might be scaring away potential clients!

Unkempt Yard

There’s a lot of things you need to focus on when running a business, which could make taking care of the lawn surrounding your building the last thing you’re worried about. However, your yard determines your curb appeal and if your outdoor area looks messy, some people might associate that with your actual business. An unkempt yard can also show that you don’t care or that you don’t have enough money to take care of your property. As a result, this might give your clients a sense of doubt that you care about their needs or that your business is failing so they should invest somewhere else.

Another reason to keep your yard in immaculate condition is for safety and liability reasons. If there are broken branches, uneven pavement, etc., and a client gets hurt, your business can get in serious trouble.

High Maintenance

The opposite side of spectrum for lawn care is that your yard might look too overdone. If your yard or outdoor space looks too flashy, your clients might be overwhelmed. Also, if your business message is that you are approachable and friendly, sometimes an overdone yard can come off cold and distant. The best approach to a landscape design is simple yet elegant.


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