Ways a High Quality Landscape Design Can Improve Your Building’s Safety


A well-kept landscape is always an essential for any business because it shows you care about your property but also, it can help improve the safety of your building and company.

Direct Traffic and Flow of Pedestrians

Tree and shrub lines can help clients see exactly where they have to walk and enter your building. With a properly designed landscape, there are clear lines of vision for safe and efficient traffic pedestrian flow. To ensure your landscape design is doing its job, you should make sure the trees and shrubs are trimmed of any low-hanging limbs, thorns, and any other tripping hazards.

Increase Security

Your landscape can also help increase the security of your building because a clear path makes it easy for security guards to see where everyone is. Also, if you install lighted paths, walkways, and entrances, anyone entering your building will be visible to cameras and security guards. Dense landscape can also prevent people from going into places you don’t want them to enter. For example, planting thick shrubs and trees near the first floor windows or other ground level entrance can help keep away potential burglars.

Place for People to Wait

If you have a smaller building that can only accommodate a certain amount of people, an outdoor space is a great way to increase your space. A lot of buildings are inspected to determine how many people can safely fit within your building and if you excess the number, you can face large penalties. Instead of people being cramped inside your building, they can sit on benches, walk through your garden, or just wait in the sunlight.


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