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The Design Elements You Need for Your Commercial Property

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It can be fun to get creative with the design of your commercial property but there are some elements that you definitely want to utilize when you work with our landscape management team.


The decoration and overall design of your property should enhance your business’s curb appeal to attract more clients or customers. With our top notch commercial landscaping in Georgia, we can utilize different plants, trees, flowers, and soils to add depth and color to your outdoor space.


No matter what your business is, you can always use some eye-catching bursts of color in your company’s landscape. If you have some ideas for colors you want, our professional team will work with you to make sure you get your desired look.


While you want variety and colors to peak visual interest, you also do not want an overly flashy design. This can come off to your customers or clients that you are a high maintenance company, which can turn off people who do not want that. Instead, you want something that can attract all types of clientele. A simple look that complements the architecture of your commercial property is a great option. If you want something special, you can consider a stunning focal point, such as a fountain or pond.


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How Our Commercial Landscaping in Georgia Can Ease Your Stress

grassAs a property owner or business property manager, you deal with a lot of responsibilities and with our trusted company for high quality commercial landscaping in Georgia; we can help you manage your property so you don’t have to! To learn some ways we can help ease your stress and help your company, please read on.

Promote New Business

One of your biggest goals is to constantly attract new customers or clients. With a well-kept landscape, you tell current and potential clients that you care about your business and them. A beautiful landscape looks more welcoming and shows that you care about your company’s appearance. If you have a shoddy yard or outdoor space, people might think you cannot afford it and will not trust you with their money.

Save Time and Money

As we mentioned, we understand that as a property owner, you have a lot to do. With our services, we can save you energy and ultimately, money. We are experienced in customizing a lawn maintenance schedule for your business and we can know when you will need new plants, when to turn on the water, etc.

Keep Your Customers and Workers Happy

No one wants to work or visit a place that is unkempt, especially if it could be dangerous and somewhere they can get hurt. A polished landscape usually promotes safety, shows that you care, and are a successful business. Depending on the commercial property you own, like a hospital, a lot of people want an outdoor space where they can sit or walk with loved ones. A hospital that allows employees and patients to sit outside can promote a more peaceful and healing environment.


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Ways a High Quality Landscape Design Can Improve Your Building’s Safety


A well-kept landscape is always an essential for any business because it shows you care about your property but also, it can help improve the safety of your building and company.

Direct Traffic and Flow of Pedestrians

Tree and shrub lines can help clients see exactly where they have to walk and enter your building. With a properly designed landscape, there are clear lines of vision for safe and efficient traffic pedestrian flow. To ensure your landscape design is doing its job, you should make sure the trees and shrubs are trimmed of any low-hanging limbs, thorns, and any other tripping hazards.

Increase Security

Your landscape can also help increase the security of your building because a clear path makes it easy for security guards to see where everyone is. Also, if you install lighted paths, walkways, and entrances, anyone entering your building will be visible to cameras and security guards. Dense landscape can also prevent people from going into places you don’t want them to enter. For example, planting thick shrubs and trees near the first floor windows or other ground level entrance can help keep away potential burglars.

Place for People to Wait

If you have a smaller building that can only accommodate a certain amount of people, an outdoor space is a great way to increase your space. A lot of buildings are inspected to determine how many people can safely fit within your building and if you excess the number, you can face large penalties. Instead of people being cramped inside your building, they can sit on benches, walk through your garden, or just wait in the sunlight.


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Reasons Why You Need a Healing Landscape Design for Your Hospital

outdoor area of a hospital

If you own a hospital or are in charge of the landscape maintenance for a hospital, you should consider some of the following things to ensure you have an outdoor space that promotes healing and tranquility.

Benefit Employees

Hospital employees work one of the most stressful jobs because of the constant exposure to sick or dying patients. As a result, your hospital workers need a place where they can recharge and decompress from their everyday stress. A therapeutic landscape design can be a beautiful place for them to escape, enjoy lunch, or have some peace and quiet for a break.

Help Heal Patients

Hospitals are usually not places where people want to be, unless it’s for a birth of a new baby, so you will want to make sure the area patients and their families see are immaculate. With a gorgeous landscape design, you can promote the feeling of healing and serenity that will help patients and their families relax and have respite from the stressful environment inside the hospital. Another reason to have a therapeutic landscape design is the numerous studies that show gardens can help heal people. It can give patients something beautiful to look through the window or walk around to get fresh air and sunlight. No one wants to be stuck in their hospital beds and it can be worse if there’s only a brick wall to look at.


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Small Ways to Refresh Your Commercial Property

At LMS Atlanta, we know your business and the property you run it from is important to you. If you want to add a fresh or more polished look to your property but don’t want to spend too much money, read on to learn some ways to increase the aesthetic value of your home!

Schedule a Routine for Weeding

One of the most basic ways to keep your landscape looking well-kept is to keep any problem plants or weeds at bay. You will definitely want to schedule regular weeding to keep them from overtaking your outdoor space.

New Plants and Flowers

The best way to improve the look of your commercial landscape is to add more colors, textures, dimensions, etc. No matter what type of landscape you have- dry, concrete, etc. – our experts can find the right plants that will thrive.

Reshaping Your Existing Plants

Sometimes, all your landscape needs is a quick touch up! Our professionals can prune and reshape your plants and trees to look like new. We can also clean up your grounds and clear out any dead plants or trees to make a more welcoming atmosphere.


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The Best Trees for Concrete or Asphalt Areas

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If the land around your commercial or industrial property is mostly concrete or paved ground, you might think you can’t have a beautiful, green landscape. However, at LMS Atlanta, our landscape designers in Atlanta, Georgia, and nearby areas are experts in making any type of land look beautiful! Read on to learn some of the trees you can decorate your space with.


Any trees that are getting planted in a parking lot or paved area need to be tough and thrive in harsher conditions. Some of the factors that need to be considered are if the trees can handle salt, drought, compaction, heat, and minimal moisture.

  • Hedge Maple
  • Amur Maple
  • Arizona Cypress
  • Chinese Juniper
  • Crabapple
  • English Oak
  • Elm
  • Crape Myrtle
  • Honeylocust
  • Southern Magnolia
  • Sawtooth Oak
  • Littleleaf Linden
  • And so much more!


For a more complete list of the options for trees that you can have on your commercial property, please consult with our professionals. With the right trees and our experts’ care, you can have a truly beautiful space for your commercial property!


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Low Maintenance Services for Landscape Management


As you prep your commercial property for spring, read on for some low maintenance landscaping ideas!

Clean Up Your Shrubbery

Spring is the best time to trim your trees and prune the shrubs on your property. Our commercial landscapers can determine which trees and shrubs should be heavily trimmed or just shaped. By doing this low-key maintenance, you can help your plans thrive and increase the aesthetic and curb appeal of your property. With the help of our professional commercial landscapers, even the smallest changes can give you a property that clients will want to come to!

Plant Ground Cover Plants

A great way to add some aesthetic appeal to your property but also save money is to plant ground cover plants such as:

  • Tulips
  • Hyacinths
  • Daffodils
  • Rhododendrons
  • Azaleas
  • And so much more!

Add Mulch to Your Landscape

Mulch is a very inexpensive and low maintenance way to add some curb appeal to your property. There are a huge range of options for colors and materials for mulch so you can pick a style that fits your business and add pops of color to your outside space.


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How Far In Advance Should You Schedule Our Commercial Landscaping in Georgia

At LMS Atlanta, we provide high quality commercial landscaping services in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas. Your property is the first thing clients will see and as a result, you will want to make sure your outdoor space looks beautiful. However, your dream landscape takes time and careful planning. Our professionals take care of all the difficult aspects of maintaining your property so you don’t have to!

Since a perfect landscape takes time, it is important you schedule visits from our professionals according to your needs and desires for the design. Trees, plants, and flowers do not grow overnight, which is why if you are planning for spring and summer, you should start in winter. To prepare for winter, you will to schedule our services in advance to ensure your property is cleared of any snow and ice and prevent any delays in your company’s workflow.

In fact, it is highly recommended you start figuring out what you want for your commercial property at least 6 months in advance. This way, you can rest easy knowing our professionals have plenty of time to complete the projects that are needed for your property.

We offer a huge list of services for commercial landscaping in Georgia. To learn more, please give us a call today at (706) 740-2270!

Reasons Your Landscape Is Scaring Away Potential Clients

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As a business owner, it is important you create a good image of your company to any current or potential customers or clients. This is especially important if you own a physical storefront or office building that clients are coming in and out of. Read on to learn some ways your landscape might be scaring away potential clients!

Unkempt Yard

There’s a lot of things you need to focus on when running a business, which could make taking care of the lawn surrounding your building the last thing you’re worried about. However, your yard determines your curb appeal and if your outdoor area looks messy, some people might associate that with your actual business. An unkempt yard can also show that you don’t care or that you don’t have enough money to take care of your property. As a result, this might give your clients a sense of doubt that you care about their needs or that your business is failing so they should invest somewhere else.

Another reason to keep your yard in immaculate condition is for safety and liability reasons. If there are broken branches, uneven pavement, etc., and a client gets hurt, your business can get in serious trouble.

High Maintenance

The opposite side of spectrum for lawn care is that your yard might look too overdone. If your yard or outdoor space looks too flashy, your clients might be overwhelmed. Also, if your business message is that you are approachable and friendly, sometimes an overdone yard can come off cold and distant. The best approach to a landscape design is simple yet elegant.


Our experienced landscape designers in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas, work hard to provide only the best lawn care and designs for commercial and industrial buildings. We worry about keeping your outdoor area beautiful so you won’t have to!


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Preparing the Water Sprinkler System of Your Commercial Property for Spring and Summer

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With the gorgeous spring weather approaching, you will want to make sure your commercial property is at peak efficiency. One of the things our landscape management professionals need to check is your water sprinkler system. During this visit you can expect us to do the following:

Thorough Check of the System

Our professionals will walk through your entire property checking for normal wear and tear of any valves, nozzles, pipes, and faucets. We will also take this time to check for any leaks or clogged pipes and nozzles. A leaking valve can waste water and result in an expensive utilities bill.

Cleaning the System

Once we identify that all your parts are in working condition, we will then clean out any clogged nozzles or sprinkler heads. This ensures you get an even distribution of water which will save you time, money, and worry.

Set the Water Pressure

Our professionals will also set the pressure of your sprinkler systems to ensure they are within the standard and safe operating limits.

Checking the Condition of Your Soil

If it was a colder winter in Georgia, our professional staff will also want to make sure the soil of your property has been thawed to a depth of at least 12”. This will make sure there is no damage to the pipes when the water is turned back on.


A thorough check of your property is important because it can save you time and money in the long run. If you attempt to turn on your sprinkler system without a quick examination, you can risk incurring an even more expensive bill for repairs or replacement.


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